New Videos for Digimon Adventure (PSP)!!!

 has blessed us with a couple more videos!

More screenshots:

This is what we have all been waiting for. The teaser trailer:


Trailer #3

It looks like we don’t get a lot of new info, but we do get to see the beginning sequence play out. In addition to that we get to see the Digimon move about a bit during the battles. This trailer is thanks again to . Enjoy!

News from the Last Week

Okay, I have been really busy with classes, but we got slammed with news last week. Here are the scans that started it all I will put the pics in myself at the bottom of this post . It looks like Japan will be getting the game July 19th 2012! Here’s the better news. The game will be made available on the PlayStation Network in addition to a physical release! It makes it that much closer to having an American release because it will be available on both the PSP and the PS Vita. In addition to this they will only have to translate and and not mass produce if they choose to only do an online release. Also we have a new character in the game Emily “lily” Roschefall. I am told she is from Tekken. In addition to all of this Chaosmon will be in the game. The bad news at this point is that the game in Japan will be 5,230 yen (about $64). That’s a hefty price in America where most PSP games have been dropped down near bargain bin prices. Siliconera is where most of my info comes from so please visit their original posts here: and here:

By the way  has graced us with another video! Enjoy!

Another new video!

I know we’re being spoiled with videos right now. Two locations are now titled with concept art. Also, the gym is further explained. There are more concept arts of the main characters. Thanks again go to . Enjoy!

New video

 has uploaded another video for us. It’s not a lot of new info for those that played the first game, but its always nice to see some more stuff translated for us. There is a little more information about Tai and Sora for us. Enjoy!

New video!

We get some new character information along with a description of the Battle Arena. This video again comes to us from .

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New Videos

There are new videos out containing translation for character and location information. We can thank  for these videos.

Character Information:

Location Information and another Character:

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