Digimon Adventure 01 DVD

I got my Digimon Adventure DVD in the mail today, finally! The last time I got to watch the whole series was on youtube and I gotta tell you this is absolutely amazing. It’s beautiful. I wish they would have pushed up the aspect ratio, but other than that its awesome. The pamphlet that comes with it doesn’t have a whole lot of info but perfect drawings of all the Digidestined and their respective Digimon. The Gallery on the last disc has sketches of everyone as well with the exception of Kari and Gatomon’s line, unfortunately.

Make sure you show your support for your favorite franchise and buy it today. It is available at RightStuf, Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart. So far the cheapest it’s been seen for is $35 online at Walmart and they are all sold out. Good Job guys. If you find it available elsewhere especially if it’s cheaper, leave a message and I will update this to let everyone else know.

Here’s hoping that they release season 2 as well. Hopefully the sales are successful enough to show Bandai there is still enough of a fanbase in the USA to start releasing the games for us.


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