A Possible New Hope

It seems that Bandai has filed for “Digimon World” trademark in the USA. Now according to godofchaos, administrator for the With the Will Digimon fan site, “I wouldn’t mind hoping, but be aware, companies routinely file trademarks for names they used to own just to make sure they hold onto it.

It’s one of those things that could mean a lot, or could mean absolutely nothing.

Would be neat though.”

Link to the trademark: http://tsdr.uspto.gov/#caseNumber=85729696&caseType=SERIAL_NO&searchType=statusSearch

Info thanks to nintenfan of the With the Will forums http://withthewill.net/index.php?PHPSESSID=bhrttvb1pt9g406sfe8isrnid0&topic=16313.555


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