The site has updated again

The official site has updated again and we have Siliconera’s translation. With everything that they are bringing back, we have another nostalgia moment. They will have passive Digimon and aggressive Digimon. If you get to close to the passive ones they will attack, where as the aggressive ones will run up and attack you. In addition to this we will see the special meter from the first game in a new form. You can also block your opponents special. Also, depending on how you treat your Digimon, it may or may not follow commands I will leave it to Siliconera to explain For the official post please go to

By the way please go to the home page for the official site and click the Facebook like link on the page. I am certain they can see the locations liking the page. If they see enough likes from a certain region I am sure they will release it. Here is the home page link

Don’t forget they whole point of this page is to gain likes on the unofficial Facebook movement attempting to get the game an English release


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