Tai, Sora, and Omnimon!

It looks like we finally got some news after our lull. Tai and Sora will be making an appearance in the games. I do not know how much of a presence they will have. They may just be figures in the Arena like the Data Squad team was in the DS games. We do Also have Omnimon in the game. It has a full Crest of Courage on its chest instead of the usual hybrid of the two crests, but seeing as how it is most likely Tai’s Digimon because Matt is apparently absent it makes sense. Oh and Dorumon is also present in this scan, but it should have been understood that he would be in this game because his in-training form is present in earlier pictures. Here is the link to the original post http://www.devils-shadow.com/forums/psp-news-discussion/324240-taichi-sora-ein-digimon-world-re-digitize-new-scan.html#post500916.


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