Some Possible New Info (could be rumors) !Update!

We have an interesting new development. We already know that Digimon pass away and are reborn in this game, right? Well it seems this comes with a twist. Now when that Digimon dies, you have the option of saving that Digimon’s digimemory. It is still unsure what what that means. For the whole story: do you guys think it means?

Oh and it sounds like we’re going to get Beelzemon in the game too, according to Japanese Tales.

Digitize: Re Digimon will be released this summer / year Release Date 2012 Introduction of “Double Impact” Deadly Attack of Beezlebumon. Digimon to choose life or to be reached the newly incarnated, is to save the power and then Dejimemori.Can be up to five Dejimemori possession. Below, cartoon story.

This was translated from Japanese thanks to Google Chrome. If you want to read it strait from the source:

We have further confirmation of Beelzemon being in the game with a new scan. It could be faked, but it looks pretty real. For the original post please go to:


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  1. Also, some of you may have noticed, the second article says that it is to be released this summer. Let’s just hope the Japanese release is followed by an announcement for an English release date for the game.

    February 19, 2012 at 5:29 AM

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